Stéphane Janczuk

6th Dan aikido black belt, Shihan
1th Dan iaido black belt

Stephane started aikido in Poland, in 1984 in Warsaw. His first instructor R. Hoffman (5th Dan aikido black belt) is one of the aikido pioneers in Poland. After moving to Belgium, he studied at the Shinbukan dojo under the supervision of Marco Zethner (5th Dan aikido black belt) for the next 10 years.

Every weekend, he traveled to many seminars with Doshu M. Ueshiba, Tamura sensei, Sugano sensei, Yamaguchi sensei, Kanetsuka sensei, Asai sensei, H.Kobayashi sensei, Shimizu sensei, Fujita sensei, Endo sensei, Yokota sensei, Osawa sensei, Miyamoto sensei, Yasuno sensei, Ch.Tisser sensei.

It was a meeting with M.Kanai sensei from NE Aikikai and Claude Berthiaume sensei that allowed him to discover an aikido style so fascinating, that he decided to move to Montreal to be able to study aikido under the direction of Berthiaume sensei at l’Aikido de la Montagne.

On the North American continent, he studied with Yamada sensei, Kanai sensei, Sugano sensei, Chiba sensei, Saotome sensei. Stephane instructed also classes at Aikido de la Montagne dojo

During 10 years, he has studied iaido Muso Shin Den ryu with Kanai sensei and Berthiaume sensei and also traveled to Koryu seminars (Jodo, Kashima shin ryu).